About me

Hello world,

This is Reetisha blogging from about every corner of the world. I’m originally from Mauritius but have lived in Italy for some part of my childhood and spent about 1.5 years solo living in the UK. I’m currently about to shift to my next destination where I plan to settle for quite a long time.

I visited 15 countries in the 18 months I was in the UK, and this brought my country visit count to 22. This obviously excludes flight transit through certain countries and any duplicated visits to one country. My short term travel goal is something what my friend, the initiator of such travel project, calls “30 by 30”, that is visit 30 countries by the time I reach 30. And there aren’t a lot to go! Fingers crossed! *VV*

When I initially started blogging, I penned down on any topic that swiped by my mind. My intention now is to focus on my travels and share a bit of the world I have seen with you. Keep an eye to catch any exact detail of the trips! I hope to please, either by the text or by the pictures at least!






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