Coming back from another destination, I had the chance to make a quick visit to the city of Saarbrücken in Germany for an indian lunch today! It’s the capital city of Saarland, a German State that is inhabited by 180,000 people and  is about 100 km away from Luxembourg, roughly 1.5 hours drive away.

It is said that the city harbours a mixture of French-German cultures given its proximity to the French Border. And indeed, touring the city, I could notice several “Metz” (City in France) direction panes. From google map, i figured out it’s approximately 80 km away, that is 1 hour drive from Germany.

While parking is always an issue in most cities, you might find easy space in the parking lot of Europa Galerie Center located on Trierer Street. The shopping centre itself is host to more than 80 shops and obviously most brands are german but I also found franchises of Accessorize, Mango, Desigual, H&M, The Body Shop and many more. Lovers of Primark and T.K. Max shopping will not be disappointed – their outlets are by the river Saar or otherwise can be accessed on Bahnhofstraße – this is shopping heaven street, a hectic area for the fashionestas! However, given today only I learnt my first german word “Ausfahrt” which means exit, I was slightly disappointed by Thalia Bookstore as it sells mainly german books, none in english nor any in french . That’s actually the case in most bookshop in the surrounding area.

Bahnhofstraße Street, Shopping Street of Saarbrucken
View of Bahnhofstraße Street
View of Primark and T.K. Max buildings by Saar river.
View of Primark and T.K. Max buildings by Saar river.
View of Reichsstraße Street, outside Europa Galeria.
View of Reichsstraße Street, outside Europa Galeria.

I was craving for indian food and headed to Taj Tandoori restaurant which is close to the Government office on Dudweilerstraße Street. Set in a decorative atmosphere of indian crafts of the Taj Mahal, an attractive statue of the Nataraj and nicely laid indian instruments, I was enchanted by the feel of Mauritius home in the early 2000’s with Bollywood music being played in the background. And food?? I swear, it was yumilicious!! The house speciality of tandoori chicken is a must try! Free generous portions of mixed salads and papadam were served with a variety of chutney prior to the main course. Feeling for it? Go for it!

Window Decorations at Taj Tandoori restaurant
Quick view of Taj Tandoori Restaurant

On my way back, I came across St John’s Church (Johanneskirche) which is popularly known as the ‘City Church’:

St John's Church, Saarbrucken

It was erected in the 1800’s and I could tell from its mature structure that it has got quite a tale to relate.

That’s it of my short visit in the heart of Saarbrucken!

~ Reetisha Appadu ~





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