It stuns me to think it’s been almost a year now since I last penned down. What happened between then and now is definitely life – work, love, family.   In good or bad, there is no comparative to the life I’m living now. After all, this is what I had ever wanted – adventure and new experiences. In the pursuit of big dreams, I left behind not only a negative environment I was constantly fighting against but with time, I also drifted away from close family and dear friends.

Detachment is how we call this experience actually. This is not to say we lose our family or friends because strong relationships will never break with distance. But weirdly, when this same distance creeps in geographically and with time gap, in this big world, we lose our connections. We are absent during important life events or the small family dinners and friendly parties. And in the absence of constant memory making activities with our close circle, we inadvertenly disconnect on an emotional level.

It does not imply we become emotionless though and it does not need to get so dramatic as it sounds. I remember that day, when I felt I had set myself free – I was blessed with peace, happiness and harmony, for attachment somehow induces pain; detachment discounts it.

Have you ever thought how attached and emotionally dependent you are on people around you and vice versa? How do you perceive the situation when it will be time for you to leave?


Reet ..

24 March 2018




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