Dear Ugaadi,

You come once a year and you bring hopes and new beginnings to many.

We ask for a traditional event and you offer an all-in-one package.

Many celebrate you but disregard the importance of the “sacred” bath …

Your muggus scintillate the eyes of your beholders with all your colours … You want us to take a moment and smile, don’t you?

Many are still ignorant about the meaning of toranaalu, but they still hold you high up by the door … That’s the place you command in our hearts! ❤

Attending morning prayers at a mandiram is just a way to show respect and gratitude to you …

And that’s our culture!

But I know you are warm and big hearted; you don’t disown your kids who don’t make it up to you. A thought for the handicapped and old, for the work slaves and for the poor?

The pacchadi is an appetizer for the days to come. With your 6 flavours, are you a taste of life?

Oh Mother! You do not stop here …

You even forecast our future with the panchanga shravanam. Are you so concerned that you want us to prepare ahead?


What will you be if we don’t celebrate you in a cultural program?

A day by the sea maybe! … 🙂

But we don’t need to cross the sea to celebrate you!

In Mauritius, you take us back to India through your kucchipudi dances, carnatic music and folk songs …

You create memories for the young who celebrate your rehearsals and your choreography …

You are hardship and patience to those who organize your celebrations …

You are family, as you bring us together at night for supper …

Each year, you bring new friends to our lives. Some stay and some leave as you leave too …

But you come back again and again … bringing new opportunities with you and lots of love!

Oh Ugaadi!

What are you!?

Are you a Public Holiday?

Or … Are you a Culture? A Tradition? And a Celebration?

…. Are you Life?

… Or Are you God?

… Are you Love?

… Or are you Family?

…. And Friendship?

What if you are all of them?

Dear Ugaadi,

Bring the best of yourself so that I can give the best of myself!

Shri Hemalambi Naama Ugaadi Shubhaakaankshalu!

Happy New Year!



Reetisha Appadu

29 March 2017

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