They say it’s friendship day today – 07 August 2016.

I have had all kinds of friends throughout my life. Some make me LMAO! 😂

1. Some hate me and say it. 
2. Some hate me but bear with me. 😂 (even w/o saying I know it)
3. Some who talk to me only in private and on Facebook and avoid being close to me in public for fear of reprisal by those who hate me. 😂 Wow! 😁
4. Some stalk my posts on Facebook but won’t like anything coz “they don’t want to follow the crowd”. 😂

5. Some who judged me and excluded me because their friends did so. (I don’t hold any grudge but excuse me, you were biased and formed part of my rough experiences!)
6. Some who gossiped and did wrong things but put all the blame on me! 😂
7. Some who are so positive that they absolutely bring goodness to my life. Thanks P.
8. Some who know what’s best for me even before I would realise it. Thanks K and H.
9. Some who always say yes when I ask for help. Thanks Swen Goorapah❤️
10. And eventually some who love me and are considerate. The few I call friends! 

Friendship day isn’t only about celebrating your existing good friendship. It’s also about reflecting on those ties which broke you down and taught you some big life lessons!

I’m not a Saint, I have all my flaws but I wish you all Happy friendship day! May you experience amazing good and bad experiences with your friends!

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