When I look back over my 25 years of existence, it feels like I have crossed the Sahara Desert, climbed Mount Everest and rafted the Zambezi River. Yet, I haven’t touched those lands. I wonder sometimes how many of such years are to come. My accountability skills fail at the count but my internal clock says every day is a new day.

Diary taken from the rack, pen in hand, black on white, I set forth to write the story of my life. Second thoughts took me on another road. I’ll keep the book for later and I’ll share my most poignant life lessons instead.


  1. Believe in yourself, always. You have super powers!
  1. Office work. Entertainment. Social work. Family. Too much of one thing kills the other.
  1. Respect your work. It helps you to pay your bills and your studies. It’s not the other way round.
  1. Deadlines or not, health comes first. You can miss a deadline. Don’t miss your life. There’s only one.
  1. Leave every work that you do atleast 1% better than what it was. There’s always room for improvement.
  1. There’s no alternate to sacrifice for success. No gain without pain, right?
  1. Never forget those who helped you when you were in need. Pay it back somehow and move on. Don’t screw yourself, you are not indebted for life.
  1. People come in your life for a reason. They teach you a lesson and then they leave (in good or bad terms). Every person has a temporary role in your life. Some take a month, a year, a decade or a lifetime to teach you that lesson.
  1. 90% of your friends are not true friends. Enjoy but keep some space.
  1. When somebody trusts you, live up to that. And don’t lose that faith.
  1. Dreams do come true. The universe can help you if and only if you take some concrete ACTIONS.
  1. Not making a choice is a choice. And you always have a choice.
  1. Spend your salary after saving. Consider saving as a mandatory expense (to another account).
  1. Opportunities foregone don’t ever come back. When life smiles at you, smile back.
  1. Don’t give up without trying. Try your best. When you are done, leave.
  1. Have no regrets. Do whatever/anything it takes. Life is short. You may not wake up tomorrow morning.
  1. Learn to appreciate the love people have for you. Genuine and kind feelings are rare in this ruthless world. You don’t need a crowd to feel loved.
  1. Lack of communication is the root cause of all failed relationships.
  1. Rejection is as bad as being stabbed in the back. Leave it to God; He will take care of it sooner or later. Just remember, what goes around comes around.
  1. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has good and bad qualities. No one is perfect. Accept each other to co-exist. Be more tolerant.
  1. It is not important to be everywhere all the time. Not all parties/social events are meant to be attended.
  1. When something bad happens to you, remember, your greater good lies ahead. Appreciate the pain because everything happens for a reason. There is no coincidence really.
  1. At all costs, avoid negativity. Avoid negative persons and negative situations. They suck your energy and give you back negative forces.
  1. You won’t get anything unless you ask. Take the initiative. Ask. Whatever it is. No matter how silly it could be. Ask. Life can surprise you.
  1. Nothing lasts forever. Everything changes over time. Bad things are temporary but all good things do come to an end.

I could write 100 more lines. But that’s not the point.

Thank you life for whatever you gave me. I could not have become what I am today without these awful and awesome experiences. 🙂


Oh Soul! Take your time to wander …

Oh Soul! Live life but don’t surrender …

When you have loved and experienced and achieved,

Take time to learn and unlearn …

When you felt hurt and have cried and failed,

Take time to recover …

Oh Soul! Connect with the world …

Oh Soul! Give it a whirl …

Much love,


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