My personal acknowledgements for Miss Telugu Competition 2016

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So, the long awaited cultural show is over. Our chakkani telugu ammayi has been crowned … Time to extend our gratitude to all our supporters!

I personally got involved when I saw the opportunities that lie in my personal and professional development, the organisational and management skills that could be developed and the tedious responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead of Miss Telugu Competition 2016. Right from the onset, the first challenge was to get this whole idea of Miss Telugu Competition be accepted. So, I stepped in when 90% of my counterparts stepped back. I felt ready – ready to face the music when thousands lay thorns on my way every single day.

Truthfully, I always heard from veterans that leaders of many organizations do not do enough justice in terms of acknowledgement of the contribution put in by young people. Now I have witnessed and experienced it largely. To be honest, throughout this entire Miss Telugu Competition, I discovered my self worth enough. So, no! I don’t need recognition and gratitude from anybody. I am proud of my achievements, I am proud of my efforts, I am proud of the finished product with all its imperfections. Despite all my hard work, I’ld still add that I could have done better. But now that experience has enriched me, I hope to deliver better a next time.

The Mauritius Telugu Maha Sabha (MTMS) has been grandly applauded for its commendable initiatives – to conduct the function at SVICC, to gather 4000+ people for the show, to conduct the Miss Telugu Competition, to entertain the audience through the international singer – Sreerama Chandra. All objectives were very much achieved. As much as I personally congratulate MTMS for their enormous efforts, dedication, energy and resources put into the program, I wouldn’t deny that the organization had a lengthy list of hiccups! I have witnessed the behavior and attitude of young and old throughout this one-month journey. From amateurism to passive participation of many, from miscommunications to lack of detailed conceptualization, from lack of personal and professional responsibility to people who rip off your hard earned credit by falsifying facts and circumstances. “Actions speak louder than words!” – You must have heard this a thousand times. Many people actually take comfort and pride in their gossips. Few actions, more complains. Less initiatives (or I’ld rather say no initiatives) and more backbenchers. Ask me for more details, I’ll be glad to share my experiences!!
To the extent that I know, many people gave in sincere contributions to the organisation of Miss Telugu Competition. I am not sure the organisers have thanked them enough and I firmly believe their names and assistance need to be hyped.

First and foremost, my personal thanks go to MTMS for the opportunity they offered to us young people to organise the event. As an enlightened fact, Miss Telugu Competition (“MTC”) has been organised 85% by a group of young people (representatives of TYW) and 15% by MTMS. Shri Anbend Veerasawmy, Shri Kodi Ramanah, Shri Rajkumar Nursoo, Shri Simhadri Latchayya and Shri Prakash Veeranah gave their utmost support throughout the contest. Unfortunately, given the number of jury members that we had, announcement of Top 5 finalists took longer than expected. This messed up the time management element of the program. On a positive note, the overall program was good! 🙂

Next, the one man who stood by me throughout the entire journey is Kershvin Pentiah – our DJ, our transport coordinator. He actually did more than just these two things. He has skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. Such a hard worker, such an honest man! Trust him and believe in him, that’s all I would say.

Big thanks go to the participants of the competition. I have witnessed and experienced lack of unity, misunderstandings, and misconceptions and been victim of animosity from several groups in the past. After ages, I have lived the contrary with these girls. Their strong sense of belongingness, their solidarity, their love and friendly attitudes took me to another relationship dimension. They did not create clans amongst themselves at any time. They moved together, relaxed together, ate together and rehearsed together at all times. Besides, in the process of guiding them, I myself learnt so many things about our language and culture. “Kattu, bottu, juttu”. [Participants: Andeesha Pentayah, Anshinee Narsimooloo, Asriya Seethapah, Dochinah Veeramah, Jenita Narasiah, Khoshila Ramasami, Kirti Tohul, Ledisha Somiah, Lochana Veeranah, Menisha Ramiah, Ovahna Ramdoo Shrinisha, Radha Thosadu Ramdu and Sweta Pathanah].


Our Miss Photogenic is Anshinee Narsimooloo:


Our Miss Talent is Doshinah Veeramah:


Our Miss Catwalk is Ovahna Ramdoo Shrinisha:


The Top 5 Finalists are Jenita Narasiah, Asriya Seethapah, Anshinee Narsimooloo, Ovahna Ramdoo Shrinisha and Kirti Tohul.


The Winner of the Competition is Anshinee Narsimooloo, followed by Asriya Seethapah as 1st Princess and Ovahna Ramdoo as 2nd Princess.



I further extend my gratitude to two beautiful fashionable ladies – Yoshina Ranjaya and Shyanshini Sunnassee for being great coaches to the girls. Yoshina had much empathy and compassion for the girls and their respective backgrounds. She knew how to encourage them to handle their stress and their unhappy situations. Shyanshini, on the other side, brought discipline into an academic format that helped the girls to showcase increasing graphical progress. All the girls came out a better version of themselves.

One person I wouldn’t miss to thank is Yashven Maureemootoo. Despite being from another community, he has been a dynamic and laborious backstage coordinator. I have received more help from him than any other fellow youth counterparts. Hats off man and big bravo!

Thanks to the lovebirds Krishna Latchayya & Shriivani Timmiah who assured photography right from day 1 when I approached them. Luvish Chencheegadoo did an amazing task for the Miss Photogenic session. I wish I could hear more of him since then! 😛

Our make up artists did a magnificent task – Divy Sunnassee Goordiah, Varoona, Mrs Reshma Anoman. Massive thank you.

My work colleague – Sheetul Gopee for introducing me to his father who partly sponsored the participants’ sarees – thanks.

Yanush Lutchiah, mille merci. You are one growing man. Thank you for your continuous support and for having coordinated transport all the time for everyone. Keep going strong and grab opportunities presented to you.

Rishi R. Ramanah – I can’t imagine stepping feet into Anahita Resorts without your precious help. Thank you for getting me to MTMS and then back home when others sarcastically refused to drop me. I couldn’t stop myself from being honest! Thank you!

Kritikaa Bangarigadu thank you for your contribution in hosting Miss Talent and for coaching the participants a couple of times with their Telugu. Thank you for helping to tie sarees on Miss Photogenic activity day at Anahita and for arranging for refreshments.

Kevin Appadoo always gave me tremendous support. Thank you friend for hearing my sad stories always! 😛 He has always believed in my potential but never said a word about it. 😛 Despite knowing the evilness of people in our society, he never cuts my sprouted wings. Fly Reet … Fly …

Hema Boodadoo – a year of newly discovered friendship. She’s such a lovely and lively woman. “Let’s go and do it” was her immediate response when I asked her for help. How not to be grateful?

Dayashree Pentiah Appadoo – I never imagined you would help me out that much by lending your dance costumes and buying our jewellery packs. Million and trillion thanks!

Nalini Totiah – I felt priviledged by your encouragement and the words you spoke about our efforts. Thank you for recognizing our hard work.

The 2 – 3 girls who helped us during the prize giving ceremony (Sahena Appadoo and others) – merci.

Dickenraj – Thank you for arranging transports and refreshments for participants and others whenever they needed it.

Our artist cannot go unappreciated! Davish Ramasawmy thumbs up for your participation as a singer in our program for Miss Talent at MTMS.

Yogishwara Rammaya – Thanks for killing time during MTC program when the jury members were not yet ready.

Shrinu Appadoo – Dhanyavaadam for your contribution in terms of your montage with the Miss Telugu pictures and the Miss Talent videos.

Hema Boodadoo, Dayashree Pentiah Appadoo, Shyanshini Sunnassee, Yoshina Ranjaya, Reena Dhaliah, Pravashi Chiniah, Yogishwara Rammaya, Vandana Sitiah – thank you for assisting as judges. Apologies to certain judges for the last minute call. It was MTMS …

Our list of sponsors is long! Without their ultimate support, we couldn’t have concluded the prize giving ceremony – Mr & Mrs Soumenra Goorapah, Mr and Mrs Raj Kaniah, St Pierre Telugu Cultural Circle, Mrs Vimi Appadoo, Mr Devdass Venkatasami, Mrs Leena Busiah- Balaghee, Sitar Restaurant, Le Meridient Hotel, Zilwa Attitude Hotel, Iles des Deux Coco – Lux Hotels, Magasin Gopee, Jasmina Ruben, Shyanshini Sunnassee, Nalini Totiah, Helvindra Rammaya etc.

Sooness Durgadoo – your words were very much encouraging. Despite all lows, at least now I know that what I do and what I write inspire others.

Talking of inspiration, well, Vishma Venkatasamy Gaur. One can’t be buttery nice with people who don’t know how to respect you. Learnt this from you. Thank you for your support always. J I hope it’s ever lasting.

Lastly, I send my appreciation to each and every other TYW member, my family, my colleagues and facebook followers for their direct and indirect support.

It happened with the help of each one of you.


Reetisha Appadu.



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